The conference pursues high-quality research contributions about innovative Computer Science technologies, helping to communicate and disseminate relevant recent research on this field. The goal is to provide a vibrant forum of discussion on theoretical and experimental contributions within the framework of new technologies.

Topics of interest for submission include, but are not restricted to:

Artificial Intelligence

  • Knowledge-based systems and applications
  • Knowledge representation and reasoning
  • Cased based reasoning
  • Machine learning approaches
  • Agent-and systems
  • Semantic Web applications
  • Intelligent systems
  • Big Data
  • Business intelligence
  • Data analysis applications
  • Ubiquitous and Pervasive Systems
  • Applications and case studies of intelligent technologies

  • Software Engineering

  • Requirements engineering
  • User Modeling and Management
  • Empirical Software Engineering
  • Object-Oriented Technology
  • Software Architecture and Design
  • Theory and Formal Methods
  • Business processes modeling
  • Modeling Use Cases and Scenarios
  • Web Engineering

  • Cloud Computing

  • Cloud Applications Performance and Monitoring
  • Mobile computing
  • Mobile sensing
  • Robotics in Cloud
  • Wearable device and Cloud
  • Hybrid Clouds
  • PaaS, SaaS, IaaS

  • The conference particularly aims to:

    • Go a step further regarding the state-of-the-art in Computer Science.
    • Extend the collection of theoretical, real-world and original research works in the field of Computer Science with high impact and innovation on the current society.
    • Publish successful applications and use cases of new approaches, applications, methods, techniques for developing advanced Computer Science technologies and their application in different fields.
    • Provide an appropriate dissemination venue from both academia and industrial communities.